Student Expectations

  • Be on time for class

  • ‍Be prepared for class (pencil case, calculator, ruler, setsquare, protractor, compasses, notebook, textbook, folder for handouts, homework diary)

  • ‍Keep cell phones on silent mode. Students will not be allowed to make calls during class time

  • ‍Be respectful of themselves, others and their environment

  • ‍Be active and engaged in class

  • ‍Record homework in homework diaries and meet homework deadlines

  • ‍Be responsible for their own learning by asking for clarification and explanation when necessary and catching up on missed work when absent

  • ‍Refrain from eating in class

Teacher Expectations

  • Be prompt and prepared for all classes

  • ‍Be respectful

  • ‍Be fair and consistent

  • ‍Be caring

  • ‍Maintain dialogue with parents

  • ‍Update class wikis regularly

  • ‍Refrain from using mobile phones in class

  • Refrain from eating during lessons

Parent Expectations

  • Ensure that your child gets to school on time

  • ‍Support student expectations

  • ‍Maintain dialogue with teachers

  • ‍Keep up to date with school events and activities via the wikis

  • ‍Ensure that your child has the necessary school supplies